TJC Welcomes Leighton Denny

The very well-known renowned name in the beauty line, Leighton Denny is coming to you through TJC on the 8th and 9th of June! Leighton Denny is not a name one can forget and has been bestowed upon the title MBE by the Queen herself in acknowledgment and appreciation of his knowledge in the world

5 Easy Steps for Finding a Made-for-You Sandal Pair!

Has the arrival of summers made you realise that you need a new sandal pair? This time make no mistakes and buy the shoe you always wished to wear with our amazing and easy-to-follow sandal guide.

Fighting Child Hunger with Your Purchase Feeds

As per the data from the Action Against Hunger organization, 21.3 % of children saw stunted growth in 2019 due to malnutrition. The truth is countless children across the world have to struggle for their daily meals on a regular basis. Being born in a family which is not financially stable is not something that

Relaunching TJC: Your Favourite Shopping Channel has got a new Name!

TJC is now Trust, joy and community! We are no longer – The Jewellery Channel. With a new brand image comes a new wave. We are excited to give you a sneak peek into our changed values and what made us do that.

Buy Last Minute Easter Gifts for Adults

This year Eater bunny has brought plenty of luscious gifts that both you and your loved ones will devour. TJC’s is going to thrill you with its exciting Easter collection full of presents, none of the receivers can say no to!

Choose Your Engagement Ring Stone!

When it comes to choosing an engagement ring, there is much an excitement about the ring than the event in the going-to-be bride’s mind than anyone else’s! With the ever growing and changing trends it is noted that its not just the dazzle of diamonds that has a lady swooning, gemstones of every possible colour

Gold Layering Tips

Stacking is SO on trend and I love layering jewellery. You don’t have to have an already-layered piece, you can just use 2-4 of your favourite chains or necklaces and put them together to create a trendy, minimalist look. It also means you can change it up whenever you go out The secret to layering

Personalise Your Home

Well, the Christmas decorations are long taken down and in their absence our rooms are perhaps looking a bit sad and bare.  I never like that moment when the tree is back in the loft and I look around my room and things look tired or just dull!  I then start thinking about what I

Introducing Sajen Jewellery Collection!

Sajen Jewellery: Romanticising Fine Art and the Balinese Culture It will not be wrong to say jewellery shapes the personality of wearers. For any women who truly adores her jewels, the inspiration behind it can solely attach a major significance to the piece. Historically, intellectuals from the great philosophers to the poets have been mesmerised