The Jewellery Channel Welcomes Ellis Ward

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The Jewellery Channel is excited to announce the introduction of Ellis Ward . Ellis is one of the UK’s most experienced television presenters with an amazing history in the entertainment business. Ellis started aged just 16, becoming one of the world’s youngest dancers gracing the stage at ‘The Moulin Rouge’, Paris. Ellis then went on to perform in London’s West End smash hit musical ‘42nd Street’ as part of the original cast, and then moved into television as co-presenter alongside Matthew Kelly for one of LWT’s biggest ever primetime shows, ‘You Bet.’

TJC presenter Ellis WardHowever, over the last twelve years, Ellis has been one of the UK’s most recognizable faces in retail, as one of the original, longest standing presenters for Ideal World. Ellis has always had a passion for fashion, and an unabated desire for jewels, gems and sparkle – making her introduction to The Jewellery Channel a perfect match. Ellis also has an unrivalled knowledge in the field of gemology and precious metals, with an official accreditation from The Gemological Institute of America, as an Accredited Jewellery Professional. With a passion and thirst for jewellery, but a wealth of professional gemological knowledge, Ellis will be joining you to guide you through our collections from both a fashion and gemologist perspective.

“I am absolutely delighted to be joining The Jewellery Channel. What a fantastic team of professional people. I’ve been made to feel so welcome and simple cannot wait to bring you some of the most exquisite and breathtaking jewellery that the world has to offer, and at the prices that we can negotiate. To put it honestly, and simply, The Jewellery Channel has put the sparkle back into my life” – Ellis Ward.

Ellis will premiere on The Jewellery Channel on 3rd October 2012. We’re looking forward to it!

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35 Responses to The Jewellery Channel Welcomes Ellis Ward

  1. weesusie says:

    Good luck Ellis on you new venture will miss you on Ideal World.

  2. patricia gardiner says:

    h,i ellis just channel hopped, could not believe when i saw you on tjc but realy happy to see you, you are perfect for this .the only thing is i will miss you AND your family which you all ways shared your life ,wow cant believe it you just mentioned your daughter and hubby AREyou a mind reader or what..take care love and best wishes trish x

    • Jenni says:

      Thanks for the comment Patricia. I will pass your message onto Ellis :) She was great last night wasn’t she? We are very happy to have her on The Jewellery Channel. I hope you tune in more often!

  3. linda says:

    I for one was surprised to see Ellis on tjc, yes she is a fab presenter hope she enjoys working with you Guys.

  4. good luck ellis, hardworking, professional.*****

  5. Jane Weeks says:

    I do wish you would sort out your website. It is impossible to access it anymore.

  6. Sue Dunford says:

    Love Ellis Ward on tjc, but miss her on Ideal World. I know she left there because of her health, but thought she’d be back. But wish her all the best for the future.

  7. julie says:

    I love Ellis, What a great presenter.. She has so much warmth, and she make’s me smile.. Love the jewellery channel x

    • Jenni says:

      Ah, thanks Julie… We love watching Ellis, yes she is so welcoming and really brings a smile to your face.
      Thanks for the comment and come back soon.
      Love TJC X

  8. mandsy Simpson says:

    just found out about Elis joining tjc. Been wondering where she was as i haven’t seen her on ideal world.
    I have been wondering for years if Ellis’s sister is the actress Marian Mcloughlin as she is so like her. Does anyone know ?

    • Jenni says:

      Hello there,

      Yes Ellis has been with us for a few months now. We just love her and all her enthusiasm. Ha, now you will have to tune into TJC to see the lovely Ellis.

      Love TJC x

      P.S. Umm, I don’t think Marian Mcloughlin and Ellis are related, but I will ask her for you :)

  9. G says:

    Glad to see Ellis again and look forward to the jc…….I knew her when she was four!

  10. Sue Pearson says:

    So glad to see Ellis back. I worked with her at Ideal World and she is an amazing lady. She is as genuine off TV as she is on. Good luck Ellis in whatever you do, lots of love Sue (Kitchen Prep) xx

  11. Albert Watson says:

    Liking the new hairstyle Ellis, really suits you

  12. Margaret Younis says:

    love Ellis on TJC, all of you presenters are lovely to watch.

  13. michelle eden says:


    • Jenni says:

      Ah thanks very much – Ellis will be so happy with your lovely comment – We’ll be sure to pass it along :)

  14. Hurray! Just noticed You have Ellis on the JC now! You lucky things! SO missed her on IW! It’s just not the same. Please pass on my kind regards and best wishes for her new career. She is such a lovely genuine presenter. Will be watching when she is on!xxxxxx

    • TJC says:

      Ah that’s wonderful! We’re very lucky to have Ellis – she’s such a star and is much loved not only on the TV but in the office too XX

  15. Louise smith says:

    This isn’t about Ellis but does Chloe have a sister that does the late evening show,really sounds like her at times. Ellis is wonderful a wonderful honest person xxx

  16. June Fleming says:

    Sorry to hear that Ellis is leaving today – wishing her all the best for the future. Will miss her as always enjoyed her presentations. Good luck Ellis in all you do.
    June Fleming

  17. Albert Watson says:

    Can someone please tell me where Ellis has gone? Missing her on the jewellery channel already.

  18. Catherine whitehouse says:

    Is Ellis still working on tjc please?

    • Rianne Mitchell says:

      Hi Catherine, of course she is! Stacey Ellis is currently on maternity leave, but she will be back on TJC is no time.

  19. anne king says:

    think you are quite mad ,but I like it when you are on. all the best. wishes anne.

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