Spinning into Style: The Ultimate Guide to Spinner Rings

Spinner rings are an innovative and fascinating piece of jewellery that has gained popularity in recent years. With a simple twirling and spinning mechanism, these rings offer a soothing and calming sensation to both mind and soul, these fidget rings are a perfect choice for people who want to find a way to keep their

Which Order Do You Wear Wedding, Engagement And Eternity Rings?

Wedding, engagement, and eternity rings are all special symbols of love and commitment, but they are worn differently. It is traditional to wear them in a specific order, with the wedding ring worn on the fourth finger of the left hand, the engagement ring worn on top of the wedding ring, and the eternity ring

Which Finger Does Your Engagement Ring Go On?

There is an age-old saying that we have a vein that runs directly to the heart – the ‘Vena Amoris’, which translates to ‘Vein of Love.’ And the left hand’s ring finger symbolises the direct path to the heart of a beloved partner. And getting engaged is one of the most precious moments in anyone’s

Where Are The Best Early Black Friday Deals?

Black Friday, the day that every shopping lover waits for throughout the year, is around the corner. With its increasing popularity over time, this day has become everyone’s favourite. You get great offers and deals which bring enormous savings. From jaw-dropping deals of 40 to 50% off to unbelievable discounts up to even £100 off on different items, the day

Your Secret Santa: Celebrate festivity throughout the season with TJC

“Christmas,” the time to celebrate each day with utmost joy and pleasure is heading towards us, and we are extensively high on energy to welcome Christmas with all of you. We know that the pies, the decorations, the lights, and the gifts enthral everyone, so let’s commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ with a breath

Autumn Winter Fashion: Update Your Wardrobe with TJC’s Fall Collection

Blowing winds and floating leaves, autumn is all about the breeze. Isn’t It? The clear sky with mild chills gets you going. The most likely roam-around-the-city season, Autumn, is arriving soon, and you must be looking forward to upgrading your wardrobe! To save you time, we have covered all the significant elements of Autumn-Winter fashion

5 Summer Style Hacks

Spring may have just started, but it will feel like summer soon enough! It’s time for the hot season breaks, brunches and picnics in the park, and to wear colourful clothing to keep your fashion game on top. So here at TJC, we’ve curated 5 summer hacks that can rescue your unbearable humid days. Try

Swear-by style guide for moms to dress up this Mother’s Day

  Being a mother is, without any doubt, one of the most challenging and gratifying roles in the world. There is no specific day to honour mothers, but there are numerous reasons to do so. So, on Mother’s Day, let us honour and celebrate all the mothers who are constantly concerned about the safety of

One Scarf, Various Styles

The scarf is the perfect fashionable accessory, exuding sophistication and elegance while representing femininity. As it can be used for multiple purposes, a scarf can offer warmth or protect the wearer from the scorching heat. Scarves for women come in various shapes and sizes, thus making them perfect for any wardrobe or travel bag. Here