Bracelet Stacking 101

Want to work some uptown funk into your SS15 wardrobe with this expressive fashion trend, but not sure how to “pull it off”? Keep reading and we’ll get you stacking like a pro!

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Playing it safe?

If you’re ‘testing the waters’ so to speak, you might want to start off simple. Try a couple of pieces that have something in common, such as colour or width. Or, if you’re feeling a little braver, what about mixing metals, the size of chains and bangles, or adding personalised charms.

Mix it up, maybe!

Mix it up; we definitely aren’t going for samey-samey here! Push fashion boundaries when layering and don’t be afraid to experiment with the size of your bracelets and bangles. A thin gold chain works well with strung beaded gems and a chunky oversized watch.

Enough is enough.

Generally we’re going to say the more the merrier, but sometimes less is really more, so find your happy equilibrium! But, at the end of the day it’s all about what you’re comfortable wearing, so rock what whatever you like.

Confidence is Key.

If you want to keep it simple yet sophisticated, consider what you’re wearing, maybe go for a monochrome look – this’ll categorically keep it classy. Or, take it to the extreme and try the bohemian-chic look by mixing textures and colours – this will definitely make you look like you’ve walked straight off the catwalk.

So, make like glamorous model Heidi Klum or actress Jennifer Lopez, by layering on the bracelets which can add cohesion and a pinch of sassiness, finishing off any Spring and Summer outfits.

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