Heart Jewellery: Have an open heart

The classic shape of a heart, symbolises so many things, but most commonly, it’s known for representing love an unity, and a symbol that instantly screams three simple words: ‘I love you’.

The truth is. Heart shaped jewellery can be bought by yourself, for yourself, as a little self indulgent treat, but, it can also make for an extra special gift for someone you love. It’s simply a thoughtful romantic gesture.

Wear it on your sleeve. Heart motifs used in jewellery are certainly not for the faint hearted, however, it’s not a style only to be worn by the most romantic. At TJC we have heart jewellery in every style, making it suitable for any kind of girl.

A style for every girl. We have a huge selection of heart shaped jewellery from elegant pendants and delicate rings to stunning earrings and stylish charms. This breathtaking collection is not only beautiful, but is also a perfect gift for those we hold dear to our hearts.

Heart Promise Ring. Find a piece that will be cherished forever. A promise ring represents the promise of being together for eternity with an oath of exchanging your love and promising to take care of each throughout life.

Say it with heart. A gift is an expression of your heartfelt affection. There are many occasions,  like; birthdays, weddings, Mother’s day and even Valentine’s Day, that give us the opportunity to express our love and gratitude in an especially lovely way… and our beautiful Heart jewellery collection offers the perfect chance to do just that!

 Show your affection, with the exclusive Heart Collection Jewellery – as a gift for a loved one, or as a special treat for yourself.


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