New Sunny Citrine Treats

From deep brown cognac tones to sweet honey hues, sunny Citrine gemstones not only looks sizzlingly special, but they also radiate warm and positive energy.

The Success Stone. Known as the ‘success stone’ Citrine is believed to bring prosperity to anyone who wears this beautiful stone or even possess it!

The Magic of Citrine. If you’re the superstitious type, Citrine is even said to promote success in abundance. This versatile stone is so treasured it’s believed to possess energies of good fortune.

What else? Although Citrine is adored for its magnificent lustre, Citrine is thought to also bring energies of generosity, so prosperity and success is shared – they do say sharing is caring! 

Did you know that this variety of Quartz, along with Topaz is also November’s birthstone?

Olympic Wishes. If you’re wishing for Olympic success (come on team GB!), this stone is more than fitting! Did you know Brazil is one of the common locations for mining Citrine?

Glow Like the Sun. Carrying the power of the sun, Citrine is warm and comforting, energizing… even thought to be life-giving.

If you have a penchant sparkly bright treats, Citrine is the gemstone for you – indulge in durable and affordable pieces now…

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