Ruby: A gemstone that has been prized for centuries

Fiery, Sensuous and Exceptionally Beautiful. Say hello to a gemstone that has been prized for centuries.

A symbol of love and Immortality
Did you know the English word for ‘ruby’ comes from the Latin word for red, ‘ruber’?

Throughout the ages rubies have been thought to hold magical healing and protective powers. In ancient India rubies were thought to be the ‘king of precious stones’. Burmese warrior’s inserted rubies under their skin as they believed they would give them the power of invincibility, and Buddhists considered the stone a sacred gemstone, and is why the refer to it as ‘tears of Buddha’. It is also believed that rubies possess the power to increase energy levels and stimulate love if worn close to the heart.

The Beauty of  Burmese Rubies
Symbolising the sun, freedom and power, ruby is a gemstone second only to diamonds! The popularity and price of these red stones remain strong due to the beauty, durability and versatility in colour, however, Burmese Rubies have always been highly sought after because of their luxurious and unusual pinkinsh- red hue with a slight hint of blue and its rarity. Untreated rubies of deep colour are extremely rare and can cost a fortune, however, the finest rubies originate from Mogok, Burma. Introduce this unforgettable hue into your wardobe and wear across the seasons. Explore our collection or easily start with these 9K Gold dainty studs  or for bigger and bolder statement pair this Burmese Ruby Floral Ring along with these Lever Back Earrings for a glamorous night out on the town.

Ruby Zoisite 
If you love ruby but also want an unusually different variation, Ruby Zoisite is a great choice, this gem holds a bright grass green colour with flecks of pinkish – purple coloured ruby crystals. This stone is a combination of crystal that contains fiery ruby and earthy Zoisite, thought to display a perfect ‘marriage’ of passion and patience. This version of ruby is also said to increase vigour and to help overcome laziness, while believed to amplify the biomagnetic field around the body and to energize the life force – Imagine that!

Star Ruby
Still a rare and very valuable form of the red ruby, the star ruby has its name beacuse it displays a six-ray star which can be seen to glide magically across the surface of the gemstone. This type of ruby holds a dark brownish red colour, which is on the much darker spectrum of ruby, however, captures it sdeep luster and gleam beautifully. This magical Ruby looks lush when set in yellow gold, try this Star Oval Solitaire Ring to experience its deep hue and wear with a simplistic day time ensemble to show off its magnificence.

Involve this fantastic gem into your daily mix of accessories throughout the ever changing seasons and take your pick of hues, even work Ruby into your style with the Friendship Bracelet trend and look fabulously on point!


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