Say Hello to Blue Hues

As it is getting warmer, this season we are taking a cue from nature and dressing accordingly. With the transition of a new season it also means a transition of clothing and subsequently more colour in our wardrobe, as we introduce softer, cooler and understated brights!

Eye-catching bluey hues and dynamic blue prints are one colour in particular ‘fashion gurus’ are going crazy for this season. So, start adding touches of blue, not only in your wardrobe but also to your jewellery collection and prepare to be on top form in the coming summer months!

Celebrities of all ages have been donning this colour craze and it has been spotted on everyone from Taylor Swift and Sofia Vergara to Myleene Klass. Keep reading to find out TJC’s favourite and most popular blue gemstones and jewellery pieces to keep you fashion forward.

We all know Topaz is found in a rainbow of versatile colours, making it a very sought after stone, and a favourite of many so grab this amazing gem in a blue hue and add a sparkle to you summer wardrobe that will have people captivated.

River Quartz
Although River Quartz in not known for its original blue hue, the quartz gemstone is recognised around the globe, as it has the largest family and group of gem varieties. Some believe that quartz has cleansing and detoxifying properties but if you don’t believe in these superstitions River Quartz will forever remain a gemstone in which can adorn any outfit.

The desirable gemstone is considered to be one of four of the most precious and valuable stones along with ruby, emerald and diamond. Its typical deep blue colour is striking on the eye and will enhance anything you wear this season and have you looking undoubtedly regal.

This delicate gem is recognised for its awe-inspiring colour. It can be found in a spectrum of bluey shades making it the most versatile for this upcoming trend, but what makes it just as precious as all other gemstones is that it can only be found in Tanzania. Tanzanite is softer than any other gemstone and should always be worn carefully, so why not wear to add a gentle delicacy?

Turquoise has a stunning blue green colour that is recognised across the world and is prized for its beauty yet has the symbolism of protection. The stone is believed to be one of the oldest protection amulets, giving strength and peace to the wearer. This stone is bold and attractive and with warmer months ahead truly have all eyes on you.

Want to be season perfect? What gemstone will you invest in?

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