TJC’s wedding guest savings guide

March is already heading into April, which means the chances are pretty high that you have at least one wedding to attend between now and the end of September. 

With the start of spring comes the start of wedding season, with high numbers of people choosing to get married when there is a better chance of good weather. This means you'll have plenty of great days to look forward to but also that you'll probably have to shell out quite a bit for each wedding.

Between your outfit, travel, hotels and gifts, weddings are an expensive business, and if you have more than one to attend, you can be left out of pocket. Here are some easy ways for guests to save money and still attend all the weddings:

Book in advance

If you need to use public transport and book a hotel room, do so as early as possible. You'll get a much better price if you book tickets and rooms months in advance, which means you'll be spending a lot less in the long run.

You can book hotels a year in advance and travel up to six months before the date, giving you the best possible prices. You'll also know that everything is sorted, giving you less to do at the last minute.

Compare prices

From your hotel, means of travel, wedding outfit and gift for the bride and groom, you can save a lot of money by shopping around. Comparing prices can help you get the best deal, helping you to save a lot of money.

It pays to shop around on the big purchases, as even a £10 difference can help. This goes for any registered gifts too, as you are usually able to indicate on a register if you have purchased a product from a different place, ensuring the bride and groom don't get stuck with two toasters.

Share the costs

If you have the opportunity to take a plus one or if your partner or a friend is already invited, share the costs with them. Hotel rooms for two usually don't cost any extra, while you can go halves on a gift. This makes it much easier for both of you.

Re-wear outfits

While you don't want to wear exactly the same outfit to one wedding as you did to another, you can make the most of accessories, jewellery and small items – such as shoes and shrugs. This means you don't have to buy a totally new look for each event, so long as your dress or outfit works with everything.

Even if you do want to get some new jewellery and accessories for each wedding, you don't have to break the bank as TJC has a huge range of stunning options at great prices. This will allow you to create a new look while still being kind to your bank balance.

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