Wedded bliss: How to survive your own wedding

If you’re saying ‘I do’ this wedding season, you’re probably already running around trying to get everything ready for your big day. While the finishing touches are important, you should also make sure you have everything you need to feel comfortable on the day.

As the bride, you’ll be the centre of attention, so you want to ensure you feel happy, confident and comfortable all day so as to enjoy the big event. To help you survive your wedding day and avoid wishing you did things differently, here are our top tips:

Be ready to swap your shoes

While you may want to wear high heels for walking down the aisle and when posing for photos, they can end up being a bit painful later on. Rather than hobbling around with sore feet and attempting to stick with your shoes for the first dance, have a pair of flats at the ready.

Whether you choose ballet pumps, trainers or sandals, flats will help you stay comfortable, allow you to hit the dance floor and mean you don’t have to go barefoot on your big day. Of course, you could just stick with flat shoes for the whole day to avoid having to swap them.

Steer clear of heavy jewellery

Statement jewellery is a great look, but things like chandelier earrings can be uncomfortable to wear for a full day. The weight of the earrings may be okay for an evening, but it can get a bit much on your wedding day.

Avoid wanting to take your jewellery off throughout the day – which could unbalance your whole look – by opting for small jewellery that still has plenty of sparkle. Stud or drop earrings are lovely choices whether you’re wearing your hair up or down and will still help you complete your outfit.

Something like these LucyQ Falling Drip Earrings would be a lovely option, especially as they will work with our pieces, such as necklaces or bracelets.

Have a supply kit

Your bridesmaids are there to support you on your big day, so make sure one of them has your supply kit to hand so you are covered for every eventuality. Putting together a small bag with everything you might need could help you in an emergency.

Ideally, you should have things like paracetamol, a sewing kit, safety pins, makeup and body spray in your bag. This will ensure you’re ready for anything so you can get on with enjoying your wedding day.

Leave organisation to someone else

The last thing you want to do on your wedding day is run around organising everyone. Your day will go quick enough as it is, so you want to enjoy every minute rather than trying to sort everything out, which will make the day go faster.

Before the day, give your bridesmaids and groomsmen a list of things to do. Each person should have a job so they can be at the ready to organise people and field any questions from your venue or photographer. This will allow you to simply enjoy every minute of your day and the start of your married life.

Take a moment

Possibly the most important thing to remember is to take a moment and just take it all in. Your day will be over before you know it so you should ensure you and your partner have a chance to just be together away from everyone else. This will give you a few moments of peace and quiet so it can all sink in.

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