What does your favourite gemstone say about you?

If you're a fan of jewellery, the chances are you have a favourite gemstone. Whether it's expensive of or semi-precious, you're sure to love a single gem more than the rest for whatever reason.

As each gemstone has its own meaning, with most being tied into history, myths and legend, the stone you pick as your favourite could reveal a little bit about you and your personality.

While this isn't an exact science – after all, who can really say explicitly what meaning a gemstone has – it can be quite fun to see if the traits linked to your favourite stone apply to you.

Here are some of our most popular gemstones and their apparent meanings, do they match your personality?


Diamonds are the hardest substance on earth, so it's no wonder they are tied to ideas of unbreakability. They are a strong stone, which means that many people believe they bring strength to the wearer or signify that you are strong-willed if diamonds are your favourite stone.

They could mean that you are a determined person who inspires and takes care of those around you. If diamonds are indeed your best friend, the chances are you're also bold in your decision making and are a proud person.


Rubies are instantly recognisable because of their beautiful red tones. This shade is the colour of passion so it's no wonder that it is thought that those who love rubies are passionate individuals.

There's a good chance that if you think of rubies as your favourite gemstone,  you are a lively and intense person who is usually full of energy. You may also be quick to anger as sometimes all that passion can boil over quickly.


If you're a lover of tanzanite jewellery you might be an incredibly intuitive person. A lot of people connect this beautiful blue stone to spirituality, which means that you could be the type of person who often has gut feelings about people or situations.

Tanzanite being your favourite gemstone could also be a sign that you are a very quick and sensuous person who has a sharp wit and sometimes an even sharper tongue. 


Sapphires are a popular alternative to diamonds when it comes to wedding and engagement rings because they are a sign or loyalty and trust. This means that if sapphires are your favourite stone, it could be a symbol that you are an incredibly trustworthy person who is always there for friends and family.

The stone is also a sign of tranquility, which means you're mostly calm and collected, and are able to approach situations in a level-headed manner.


Emeralds are characterised by their beautiful green colour, which is a sign of life and nature. This is why it could be the case that if you love emeralds you are a maternal person who may have a strong connection to nature.

You may also be quite a mysterious person who prefers to keep some of their feelings hidden. This doesn't mean you don't trust people, just that there are only a select few who know some of your inner workings. 


Pearls are a classic addition to jewellery that are often a sign of purity – which is why they are a popular tradition for brides to wear at weddings. They could also mean that you are quite a dignified person who hangs onto their pride.

Even though you can be prideful, favouring pearls shows that you are quite charitable and so will help those that need it if you can. You have an innate kindness and a calm that allows you to deal with most situations while maintaining your poise.

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